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New Issue: Vol. 3 No. 4 (IV, 2017) 


The following topics are covered in the current Issue of the Journal:

  • Dedicated to the anniversary of Professor Andrey V. Vasilyev;

  • Ultrasonic Modelling of Open Trenches Used as Seismic Barriers Against Traffic-induced Ground Vibrations;

  • Vibro-acoustic properties of food products;

  • On a formulation of the boundary-value problem of aeroacoustics with impedance boundary conditions; 

  • Psevdozvukovyh pressure levels near resonant plate; 

  • Resolution investigation for the different measurement schemes in acoustical tomography;

  • Noise-protective actions for decrease in noise levels from impact of metal pipes;

  • Calculations of the technological noise barrier efficiency of reducing noise from the air intake compressor plants.


Noise Theory and Practice. 2017; 4 (3): 1-68

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